Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pitchwars Mentee Bio - AKA Nerds Of The World, Unite!

Hello there! I'm JC Davis, super nerd and YA writer.

Below are a few reasons I'd make a fabulous PitchWars mentee. Or crit partner. Or writing buddy on Twitter. Take your pick.

I am an unabashed book addict
, every time I walk inside a library or bookstore I'm like

My book obsession probably requires a 12-step-program. I read roughly 100 books a year. While other people make sure their cars have first aid kits, jumper cables and such, my emergency kit consists of three of my favorite books just in case I get stuck on the side of the road. All that reading means I’ve got a good grasp on the YA market and what’s currently being published. I also like to think my reading obsession has improved my writing by osmosis.

Other people fangirl celebrities and actors. I fangirl authors. Seriously, at book signings I always look like this:

I own a hedgehog
Our hedgie’s name is Percy Jackson and he’s the perfect de-stressing mechanism whenever I’m facing a deadline, tough revisions or just need a chill out moment. As my mentor you’d benefit from all that hedgehog cuteness as well and I promise to faithfully tweet you hedgehog pictures whenever you need them. The life benefits of cute hedgehog pictures cannot be over stated.

I run a writing critique group with a nerdy name
I started an online critique group for YA & NA writers on I hand picked each of the six members, among them one of our PitchWars mentors, the fabulous Dannie Morin, so you can tell I have excellent taste! The group has been around for almost a year with the same members and no drama. The continued success of the group shows that I play well with others. Our name, The YANA project, has several meanings: a combo of the YA & NA genre acronyms, You Are Not Alone to reflect the supportive nature of our group, and it’s a Doctor Who reference. Because I embrace my nerd-hood in all things.

I make pretty, pretty things
In addition to writing and my raging book addiction, I’m also a crafter. I’ve made jewelry, statues, mobiles, art quilts. If you can think of it, chances are I’ve tried my hand at it. Most of my crafts are centered around books. I love trying new techniques.

I embrace my nerdiness in all things
I have a Hogwarts Alumni decal (that I designed and created) on the back of my car and a Harry Potter themed Christmas tree. One major benefit of my day job as a programmer is that I’m able to wear geeky t-shirts including Monty Python, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games. But the real fun is at Halloween - I adore dressing up in costume and cosplay in general. Basically, I live and breath all things nerdy. Except video games. I completely suck at all video games, they're my Kryptonite.

My Writing
I've completed two novels. The first is locked in a drawer guarded by attack trolls until I can beat it into shape. The second novel is the one I'm submitting for PitchWars. I write on the train during my morning and evening commute and I will work my butt off on revisions.

In addition to my completed novels, I’ve also written six short stories over the years. All but one has been published, or will be published shortly, and the one remaining short story is presently in second round considerations at an eZine.

Curious about what I'm pitching? Here's a peek at my novel using the dreaded Twitter pitch format!
"Del hasn't believed in God since her little sis died. When "miracles" turn up around town, Del tries to prove Baby Cheesus & co are fake."

Thanks for reading my bio and good luck to everyone participating in PitchWars!

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  1. Hey, I'm a crafter, too! Your book sounds awesome, so good luck in PitchWars!

    1. Yay for crafty writers! Thanks for the good luck wishes, same to you :D

  2. With all that book reading, I was thinking: are you a library girl? You would have to be! Haha! I'm not--I like to put them on my OWN shelves when I'm done, so I've had to refinance my house to afford them all. LOL. Best of luck in Pitch Wars!

    1. About half my books come from the library, the others are a mix of audiobooks, eBooks and traditional paper/hard-backs. Not gonna lie - a HUGE chunk of my disposable income goes toward my book habit and buying books for my kids. Luckily we have Half Price Bookstores near us or we'd be living in a box.

      THANKS for the good wishes and same to you!

  3. Replies
    1. Hee! Thank you :)

      I must admit, I'm the luckiest person in the world because I've got a sweet hedgie. He's makes me endlessly happy.

  4. Squeeing over your hedgehog! And I share your kryptonite, although I'm ok with puzzle-based games (vs. action).

    Good luck!!

  5. I love Percy Jackson! (Both the books and your hedgehog.)