Discussion Guide for CHEESUS WAS HERE
This free discussion guide can be used in classrooms or libraries to help plan a lesson or discussion around the book. Fair warning, the discussion questions include spoilers.
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School or Library Events
I am available for classroom visits in person or via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Potential classroom topics: The journey to publication, Question & Answer regarding my short stories or novel, writing short stories versus novels and how the two differ, finding story inspiration, the process of writing and how a novel evolves from initial idea to finished book. You can also propose a different topic to suit your classes, though all topics must be agreed upon in advance so I can sufficiently prepare.

In-Person events
If the location is within driving distance (50 miles) from McKinney, Texas, the cost is between $200-500 per event, depending on distance and the length of the event. School and library visits in McKinney or Frisco can be arranged free of charge depending on the length of the event and the preparation time involved. Please contact me for more information regarding pro-bono events or to get a more precise quote on an event outside McKinney or Frisco.

For events that are not within driving distance, which would require flight and/or hotel costs, the cost is $500-750 plus travel expenses (flight and/or hotel), depending on where the event is located and the time involved.

Skype Visits
Skype visits of no more than an hour can be arranged free of charge. Because Skype visits will be shorter than a typical in-person event, these should be limited to a single, focused topic or a general Q&A. Please contact me for more information about scheduling a Skype visit for your school, library or book club.

Conferences & Book Festivals
I love, love, love attending conferences and book festivals. I'm happy to sit on a panel, act as a moderator, give a solo presentation on various topics, or do a signing session. While I would love to attend every con and festival possible, my day job and family both make that impossible, so I can only attend a few events each year. If you'd like me to attend your conference or book festival, please contact me with the following information: dates and times of the conference and when I would need to be in attendance; if my book would be offered for sale at the event; any expected travel expenses (including hotel and flight cost), registration fees, whether an honorarium or other cost offset is offered.