June 22-23, 2019
Hurst, TX
  • Pump Up The Volume: Adding Voice To Your Novel
    Time, Date, and Location TBD
    Voice can be one of the most frustrating literary devices. What IS it exactly? Why do agents, editors, and other industry professionals mention voice all the time? What is the difference between authorial voice and character voice? We’ll discuss different techniques you can use to add voice to your writing and make your prose sing. Practical examples will be provided as well as an in-class exercise. Participants will have the opportunity to share examples of how they add voice during the class exercise.

Leviosa 2019
June 27-30, 2019
Hollywood, CA
  • Accio Agent! Tips and Techniques for Finding a Literary Agent
    Time, Date, and Location TBD
  • Revelio: Different Writing Paths for Authors
    Time, Date, and Location TBD